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Marc Betty baby Ja
Mar, Bdtty baby Jacqueline

I'm Denise deGoumois (a/k/a “AuntNiNi”). My father, Marc, was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland but lived most of his life, married Betty, raised their two daughters and died in Beechhurst (Queens), New York.

PaPa was an avid amature photographer and took many marvelous photos of us. With a theatrical background, MaMa knew how to pose on cue. One can imagine Marc and Betty dressing up in their best finery. Marc setting up his camera on a tripod and adjusting the flood lights, Betty posing with baby Jacqueline, then Marc setting the camera timer and dashing into position. Voila! A do-it-yourself family portrait. This was one of the first of many to follow

A concept for this new deGoumois USA site has not yet been developed. We vaguely consider it being a repository of deGoumois, deGrasse, Bloch, Abraham, et al. family photographs.

- Denise deGoumois

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